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March 25, 2009


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OMG...they sound sooo good. Would regular salt or coarse sea salt ruin the taste...this a must make for me.


Stay away from the regular table salt. Coarse sea salt or even Kosher will work fine. I also sprinkle a little on top prior to baking too. These are AMAZING.


Great...evening project...


Hey, didn't I eat these last week in your kitchen, where I was kindly and properly served with a Diet Coke to wash them down?

Forget whirled peas. These cookies are magic I tell you. I think I ran 7 miles after eating one I was just so giddy.

Suz Broughton

Oh, yeah. I will definately give peace a chance...Am I the first one to say that? Yep! YAY!


oh yeah - suzanne will be whippin' up two batches tomorrow i'm sure! lol! me on the other hand, just might do it! ;-)


These are such a good cookie, aren't they? They are great after being frozen, too.

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